Straight stitch sewing up

Learn how to sew up your knitted bag with this straight stitch sewing up technique

Facts & handy tips

In this easy to follow video tutorial we will show you how to do straight stitch. This stitch is similar to a standard handsewing stitch. It is great on a handknit fabric when you want an exposed or visible edge. We have used it in this video on to sew up a bag. The yarn used in this video is Jersey Be Good.

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Step By Step

1 straight stitch


Ready to sew up your project? Let us walk you through the straight stitch sewing up technique, useful when sewing up bags.

Start off by laying your knitted piece flat. This example is from sewing up the Tender Loving Clutch bag.

2 straight stitch


Next up: line up the edges that will be sewn together. As this example is from making a knitted bag, we will be folding our piece over.

3 straight stitch


Tread a sewing needle with a strand of yarn, in this case we've used our Jersey Be Good yarn in a pink contrast colour, just to make it a bit easier for you guys to spot it.

4 straight stitch


Now, secure the yarn to the wrong side of the fabric. We pulled the yarn through a horizontal 'tab' twice, leaving 5-7cm of yarn.

5 straight stitch


Bring the yarn to the right i.e. outer side of the fabric, just inside the loops of the first edge stitch.

6 straight stitch


Insert the needle into the next stitch along the edge, going through both layers of the fabric (we recommend watching the video for this).

7 straight stitch


Pull the yarn through.

8 straight stitch


Continue in this way for the rest of the edge. You should now start seeing vertical tabs on both sides of your fabric, securing your project.

When you get to the end of area that you're sewing up, we recommend making an extra stitch at the top just to secure the edge. And that's it! Well done, you're now close to wearing your finished knitted bag!

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