Arm knitting

Arm knitting is fun, speedy and something different! Perfect for scarves that can be done under an hour.

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Did you think all knitting requires knitting needles? Well, think again: here we show a method that allows you to knit (on a large scale!) using your hands and arms instead of knitting needles. It’s not only fun – it’s also super-fast!

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Step By Step

1 arm knitting


For this arm knitting project we'll be using three balls of Crazy Sexy Wool. So get your yarn out and this time, no need for knitting needles. Just your humble hands and arms will do the trick.

2 arm knitting


Bring out one strand from each of the three yarns, and holding all three yarn strands, make a slip knot.

3 arm knitting


OK it's time to start! Put your right hand through the slip knot, so that the three strands rest on your wrist.

4 arm knitting


Cast on using the longtail cast on technique, the technique where your finger is shaped like a pistol (sounds more violent than what it is).

8 arm knitting


Once you have cast on longtail, you should now have two stitches on your right arm! Then continue casting on until you have as many stitches as you'd like. If you're freestyling, then it's a matter of exploring wide you want your project to be.

11 arm knitting


Once you have cast on the desired amount of stitches, it's now time to work your first row!

Grab your three strands of yarn with your right hand and use your left hand to move the furthest most left stitch (on your right arm), over these three strands. You now have a new stitch which you'll place on your left arm. Move your left hand into this stitch from behind as in the video.

12 arm knitting


Continue holding the yarn with your right hand, and use your left to move the furthest most left yarn over the right hand so it forms a new stitch. Then continue placing these new stitches on your left arm.

Once you've worked your row, you should find that all stitches are now on your left arm.

13 arm knitting


You should now start seeing the familiar knitting pattern emerge.

To work the stitches 'back' onto your right arm, repeat what you just did but mirror wise. That means, hold your yarn with your left hand, and use your right hand to move the furthest most right stitch on your left arm over the yarn threads. This forms a stitch which you'll now place on your right arm.

Continue doing this and you're arm knitting! Yay -new skill achieved. Hope you have fun, and remember, in order to set your arms free, just cast off as you normally would with regular knitting needles.

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