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Knitting and crochet makes us feel good. It helps us focus, feel creative and put the stresses of the day to rest. Now we want to share this 'secret' - it's the perfect time to get involved.


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It’s to do with the repetitive nature of knitting, it can seem tricky at first but once you’ve mastered a stitch and keep going, you’ll reach a relaxed, almost meditative state. Like a knitting Nirvana! Before you know it you’re calm, relaxed and have knitted something you’ll feel proud of too.

Jade Harwood

Co-Founder and Creative Director
at Wool and the Gang

Due to the Mindful repetition combined with time dedicated to quiet concentration, knitting is a really lovely form of meditation - with the added joy and reward of an actual physical product at the end of it all.

Tara Stiles

American Yoga Guru and founder
of Strala Yoga, New York City

You guys said it too

I went through a very difficult, stressful time in my life that lasted over a year, and my one escape was knitting... there is something so therapeutic about mapping out a project and then working it step by step until it's finished. It's perhaps the predictability of it all - that if you follow each step, you will get the outcome you expect. If only all of life would be that way!

Knitter, New York City

Knitting, spinning wool, learning to crochet have all helped me in times of stress. The concentration required when learning to knit and crochet took my mind away from my problems and was a meditation in it's own right. Whenever I knit or crochet I am transported to a happy place! Everyone should craft.

Crocheter, London

I quit my job that I had been in for the past six years recently due to stress and a desire for change. Knitting and crafting have helped me with my anxiety and made me more confident in my creativity, and have helped me be more confident in my new career search.

Knitter, New York City

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