How to knit a blanket

Learn how to knit a blanket with Wool and the Gang, start to finish

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Learn how to knit a blanket with this step by step video. Here our pals at Knit Aid show you how to knit squares, that you then sew up to make the finished blanket. It's a really fun and easy way to create a blanket. This project is especially good for using up any yarn leftovers.

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Step By Step


Learn how to make a chunky blanket knitted up from squares: learn how to cast on, cast off, do the knit stitch and knit the squares together.


For this project, you will need 15mm or US19 size needles, Crazy Sexy Wool and a sewing needle.


First of all, you need to cast on. Take your ball of wool and find the end of your yarn, tucked in the middle. To cast on, you need to do a slipknot: make a loop as if you were going to do a knot, take it through and pull it tight.


Cast on using the basic cast on method.


Cast on 14 stitches and knit a knit row.


Continue knitting in garter stitch, until you've formed a 20cm long square.


To cast off, take the needle with all the stitches in your left hand, as usual. To cast off, you always need to have 2 stitches on your right needle. So start by knitting two stitches, then slip the first stitch over the second stitch, binding it off.


Knit one more stitch, and cast off one stitch again. Continue until the end of the row until you only have one stitch left on your right needle.


Cut your yarn, leaving a tail that measures about an arm's length and pull it through the last stitch.


You've now got a square!


Sew your squares together with a large sewing needle using the perpendicular invisible seam technique. Place one of the squares with the stitches horizontally, and the other square with the stitches vertically, alternating the direction the squares are in throughout your blanket. Weave in the ends, hiding them in the original pattern. Tie a knot and cut it off!


Your blanket is now ready!

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