Fastlove Tunic

Easy knitting kit

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An easy knit kit that'll whip up a light, breezy and oversized jumper in a flash. You'll be wearing it all year long; it's a bit of a layering superhero.

Size & Fit
Size 1 - 6, loose fitting.

Time to make
15-18 hours

Once you've completed this kit you'll master
Cable cast on, short row, stocking stitch, increasing, decreasing, casting off, vertical invisible seam technique, horizontal invisible seam technique, perpendicular invisible seam technique.

Something you should know
Dipped hem at the back is created using a simple short row technique. Done on 8mm needles to create a loose stitch. Cast off braid on sleeve creates a decorative braid.

Also available in Shiny Happy Cotton


6 - 8 x balls of Billie Jean Yarn (depending on size)
1 x Fastlove Tunic pattern
1 x 8mm/US 11 straight knitting needles (optional)
1 x label "Made by Me"
1 x sewing needle

Yarn details
This kit is knitted with Billie Jean Yarn, our upcycled yarn made of pre-consumer denim waste. Please note this yarn will perform like most blue jeans, with the possibility to fade a little during the first wash and with a small amount of colour transfer.

135 meters per 100-gram ball. WPI 11/DK.

Hand wash cold to last longer. Do not use bleach, dry flat. Billie Jean Yarn is upcycled denim yarn and will perform as most blue jeans, which have the possibility to fade a bit during the first wash and have a small amount of colour transfer.

Made by the Gang