Knitting and Crochet Tools

Behind every maker is a stash of great supplies. From knitting needles to crochet hooks, stock up on the essentials.

36 items

36 items


Your perfect mini project bag
from $13.00
Customise your makes with special edition labels
from $8.00
High quality needles in a range of sizes
from $19.99
Flexible and 150cm in length
from $9.50
Remove bobbles and pills from your makes
from $8.00
A knitter's best friend
from $16.00
Store all your needles in one safe place
from $27.00
Our hooks come in many materials & sizes
from $8.95
A new home for your knit and crochet supplies
from $13.00
Perfect for knitting socks and mittens
from $8.24
from $24.00
Keep track of any change in your pattern
from $7.00
Limited edition, washable paper kit bag
from $14.50
30% off
Available in 3 sizes
from $7.00 $4.90
The easy way to close smaller bags
from $12.00
A great way to add structure to bags
from $14.99
from $2.00
Wool and the Gang's first ever crochet pattern book
from $17.50
Ocean friendly washing bag
from $39.99
Ideal for attaching handles and straps
from $3.00
The finishing touch for your new arm candy
from $3.00
100% jute thread
from $19.50
100% steel silver-plated
from $3.25
A great bag for your knits & dog treats
from $13.50
Soles only - for a second pair of espadrilles
from $26.00
Soles only - for a second pair of espadrilles
from $26.00
Limited edition collector’s bag of six knitting patterns
from $45.00

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