Fashion made

we believe fashion should
be #madeunique with love. No mass produced
clothing, just quality fashion produced in
a sustainable way.

is changing

We've all done it, purchased low quality, cheap fast fashion made in factories abroad and wondered "how do they make it so cheap?" The reality is not good. There has to be a better way to produce, one that allows us to wear with pride and sleep soundly. So Wool and the Gang was born — pioneering fashion production that's made in a sustainable way, bringing back knitting as a viable means of production for generations to come.

by you

Fashion #madeunique
in the home, by human
hands, no robots

Made by human hands

A global
of Gangstas

Knitting is
the new yoga

Knitting has a ton of benefits for you. The result?

  • Reduced stress and anxiety levels. Just what the doctor ordered.
  • Improved dexterity as you give your hands and mind a work out at the same time.
  • You'll unleash your creativity and you'll soon be glowing with pride once you've finished.
  • Your memory will improve. (Some even say it can reduce chances of dementia.)
  • You'll be able to meet new peeps, knitters are everywhere!


Our materials are sourced with consideration so as to reduce impact on our environment. Here's some of the ways we do this…

  • Wool (surprise!) is our favourite yarn. It's natural, renewable and biodegradable.
  • We work with fashion factories to repurpose their fashion waste into new yarns to reduce landfill.
  • We're always on the lookout for new innovative materials that help to reduce environmental impact.


Designers Aurelie Popper and Jade Harwood met while studying Textile Design at Central Saint Martins in London. After school they gained experience together at Alexander McQueen and Balmain in Paris. That's when they were discovered by former model, world traveller and yarn lover Elisabeth Sabrier. Together they founded Wool and the Gang.

With Lisa Rodwell (previously at MOO, Yahoo and eBay) as CEO, fashion industry rebels, Aurelie and Jade, are leading The Gang, changing the way fashion is created and consumed.

Our Gang is ever growing across the world — delivering fashion in a sustainable way.

"We created Wool and the Gang out of a passion for incredible design that's produced in a sustainable way.
Want to be in our Gang?"