Invisible vertical seam in garter stitch

Create the perfect finish using the invisible seaming technique

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You've knitted your piece, and now it's time to sew it up. We understand that you want to make this right, so check out this step by step tutorial. This technique creates an invisible seam, so you'll get a really professional finish. Note that this video tutorial refers to garter stitch.

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Step By Step


Align the edges that need to be sewn together, with the right side of the fabric facing out.


Thread your sewing needle with a piece of yarn, and fasten it to the wrong side of the fabric.


Insert your sewing needle under the horizontal bar between the first and the second stitch on the right edge.


Pull the yarn through.


Insert the needle under the corresponding bar on the left edge.


Pull the yarn through.


Insert the needle under the next bar on the right edge.


Pull the yarn through.


Insert the needle under the next bar on the left edge.


Pull the yarn through. Continue like this to create your invisible seam.

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