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Lift your crochet up a level by making additional chain stitches - we show you how to

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Turning chains are used to begin a row of crochet to 'lift' the work up to the next level. Different stitches require a different number of crochet chains. For single crochet, you basically just make one additional chain stitch and that will 'raise' you one level. Double crochet uses a turning chain of three stitches. Turning chains are super important when crocheting flat and when you want to build height, so make sure to watch the full video for step by step instructions.

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Step By Step

01 turning chains


When working in crochet you are often asked to make a 'turning chain' at the beginning of your row. This is how you do it :)

02 turning chains


The image on the left demonstrates how 'lifting' your crochet up to the next level means that you can add height to your project, so it's a really useful crochet technique to know.

Let's start!

03 turning chains


The turning chain is made up of chain stitches, the most basic crochet stitch. The number of chain stitches that you need to make depends on the pattern that you're following.

Single crochet uses a turning chain of 1 stitch. To do this, simply turn your crochet piece as if you were to do one new row. Then crochet one chain stitch. You are now ready to follow the pattern as you will have increased your row height.

04 turning chains


Double crochet uses a turning chain of 3 stitches, meaning that you'll have a lot more stitches off your hook before you start tackling your new row.

05 turning chains


If you forget to use turning chains, your crochet will look like the example to the left, which is no fun. So keep practicing and hope all goes well. If you need any further help, always feel free to contact our knit and crochet team at [email protected] and we'll be happy to help.

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