How to tie a macrame wrap knot

Learn how to tie a macrame wrap knot, a really great knot to finish off tassels

Facts & handy tips

I this video we've cut a number of Jersey Be Good strands (we've used 10 strands). Make sure you wrap fairly tight to keep things secure.

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Step By Step

Macrame 20wrap 20knot 201


Take your wrap strand and make a v-shape over your other strands.

Macrame 20wrap 20knot 202


take the long end, wrap it around all of your strands, trapping the v.

Macrame 20wrap 20knot 203


Keep wrapping the long tail about 5 times around.

Macrame 20wrap 20knot 204


Take the long strand and pass it through the v.

Macrame 20wrap 20knot 205


To complete the knot, pull on the shorter strand which will trap the longer strand underneath the knot.

Macrame 20wrap 20knot 206


and there you go! A nice, clean, wrap knot to start your macrame projects.

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