Yarn Markers

Facts & handy tips

Yarn markers can come in very handy, especially when you're working in the round, or want to mark a stitch or a given number of stitches in your pattern. The are many types of yarn markers - in this video we will show you how to make a closed yarn marker out of yarn and how to use it when knitting.

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Step By Step

Step 201


Cut a 10cm length of yarn, it's sometimes useful to use a different colour to the one you are working in, so you can see it clearly when your knitting.

Step 202


Fold the yarn in half and tie it in a knot, leaving a loop a bit bigger than the circumference of your needle.

Step 203


Work to the place you want to add your yarn marker, then slip it onto your right needle.

Step 204


Continue knitting until the end of your row.

Step 205


When you reach your yarn marker on the next row, simply slip the yarn marker from the left needle to the right needle. Make sure you don't knit your yarn marker!

Step 206


Continue knitting in this way, slipping the yarn marker on every row.

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