Working with Stripes

Facts & handy tips

When working with stripes and alternating different colour yarns, the back of your work can get a bit messy. In this video we will show you some handy tips and teach you how to carry up your yarn along the edge of your knitting to create a super sleek, neat edge.

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Step By Step

Step 201


So when working with stripes, there is no need to cut the yarn every time you change colour. When you reach the point you want to change simply take the colour you want to change to, and twist it around the colour you are currently working in.

Step 202


Now start working with the new yarn colour, pulling both yarns tight.

Step 203


Every time you want to change colour use this method to avoid long yarn loops up the side of the knitting! It is useful to work in even rows of stripes so you always carry the yarn up the same side.

This is how you do it

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