Weaving in the ends

Almost there? Well done! Now it's time to weave in those ends. In this video we show you how to, using garter stitch as an example

Facts & handy tips

In this video we show you how to weave in the ends, in garter stitch. Due to the 'wavey' look of garter stitch, this is actually really easy. Simply follow the path of the garter stitch (on the reverse side) to weave it all in nicely.

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Step By Step

01 weavinginendsingarterstitch


Thread your sewing needle with the yarn tail.

02 weavinginendsingarterstitch


Insert the needle into the fabric and pull the yarn through.

03 weavinginendsingarterstitch


Follow the path of a single line of yarn as it snakes trough the fabric. Follow it up and around until the tail has been woven in for a few stitches.

04 weavinginendsingarterstitch


Push the needle through the middle of the first stitch where you started and into the middle of the next.

05 weavinginendsingarterstitch


Repeat the pattern for a few stitches.

06 weavinginendsingarterstitch


Trim the yarn end.

This is how you do it

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