Too many stitches

Got too many stitches on your knitting needle? It's a common mistake, let's sort that out

Facts & handy tips

A great habit to get into is to every now and then (often if you're a beginner), count the number of stitches on your needles. If you've accidentally ended up with too many stitches, watch this video to learn how to fix.

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Step By Step

1 too many stitches


If you've counted the stitches and realised you've ended up with too many, take a close look at your project. See if you can find a stitch that is simply 'wrapped' around the needle, like in the image to the left.

2 too many stitches


This issue is called 'yarn over' and happens when the yarn has been wrapped around the needle one time too many. Luckily it's easy to fix.

Continue knitting until you get to this problem stitch.

3 too many stitches


Simply slip the 'yarn over' i.e. the extra wrap, off the left needle.

4 too many stitches


Tug a bit at the yarn and you'll find the 'yarn over' disappear. Continue with your knitting - problem solved!

5 too many stitches


Another way you may end up with extra stitches is if you don't complete the stitch in the correct way, such as in the example to the left, where you'll find an extra wrap over a stitch.

8 too many stitches


This issue came about as the stitch wasn't completed properly. It looks like two stitches but was actually only one. To fix this, knit to the problem stitch.

Slip the 'actual' stitch onto a crochet hook.

9 too many stitches


Grab the horizontal bar with the hook and pull it through. If this sounds complicated, best to watch the video so you can see exactly how this is done. Replace the stitch onto the left needle.

10 too many stitches


Continue knitting - problem solved! Well done :)

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