Tartan knitting

Learn how to create a beautiful knitted pattern

Facts & handy tips

Follow the step by step instructions to learn how to created a tartan pattern. The tartan effect is added after you have finished knitting your piece of fabric.

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Step By Step

01 step1 tartan


Work with the 'purl' side of the fabric facing you.

01 step2 tartan


Cut a length of yarn which is longer than the line that you are making.

01 step3 tartan


Starting at the bottom, fasten the yarn at the back of the fabric.

01 step4 tartan


Insert the needle through the fabric and pull the yarn through.

02 step5 tartan


Insert the needle under the first horizontal bar.

03 step6 tartan


Pull the yarn through.

04 step7 tartan


Insert the needle under the second horizontal bar and pull the yarn through (skipping the first bar).

04 step8 tartan


Repeat step 7 until you have completed the whole line.

05 step9 tartan


To speed things up, insert the needle under several bars at a time.

06 step10 tartan


Repeat this for every stripe needed, according to your pattern.

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