Picking up stitches

Picking up stitches is an essential skill for sweaters, socks and more advanced knitted pieces.

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This video tutorial will show you step by step how to pick up and knit stitches around necklines, along button bands and across edgings. The instructions are easy to follow and will have you picking up neat stitches every time. Make sure to poke your knitting needle through the entire stitch, i.e. two strands of yarn.

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Step By Step

1 picking up stitches


Let us walk through how to pick up stitches. In this example we show you how to pick up stitches along a cast on or cast off edge. Useful if you're making projects with ribbed necklines such as the Tommy Top or Norma Sweater.

2 picking up stitches


Work with the right side facing you, working from right to left as if you were to knit a row.

Insert the right needle into the first stitch, under BOTH strands at the top.

3 picking up stitches


Wrap the new yarn around the needle. In this case we've used a yellow contrast colour.

4 picking up stitches


Scoop the needle towards you - you now have a stitch on your needle. Great work!

5 picking up stitches


Repeat this along the edge.

9 picking up stitches


If you need to pick up stitches along a side edge, follow these instructions.

Again, work with the right side facing you. Insert the right needle into the first stitch, under both strands.

10 picking up stitches


Wrap the yarn around your needle like a regular knit stitch.

11 picking up stitches


That's it! Keep going until you have picked up enough stitches. Then continue to work the picked up stitches as per the pattern - whether stocking stitch, rib stitch etc. Have fun!

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