Loop stitch

A striking technique that creates a very textured fabric

Facts & handy tips

The loop stitch looks fantastic on cardigans and coats, it looks almost like shearling. Always made on a knit row and usually on every other stitch (or it will go a little bit gigantic). As you will create an extra stitch for every loop stitch, make sure to transfer stitches too - that's all covered in the video.

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Step By Step


Slip the first stitch.


Insert your needle knit wise.


Wrap the yarn clockwise and bring it forward between the two needles.


Place your thumb on top of the yarn and bring it back between the needles.


Without releasing either loop, knit the stitch again.


Then, lift the first loop up and over the stitch you just knitted and off the needle.


Knit the next stitch.


Repeat steps 2-8 until the end of the row.

This is how you do it

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