Linen stitch

A structured knit that's fun (and pretty easy) to make

Facts & handy tips

This stitch pattern creates a gorgeous, textured fabric that looks almost like a woven fabric - hence its name: Linen stitch. Knitted on a smaller needle size, it produces a structured fabric that's perfect for bags and accessories; using larger needles results in a fabric with beautiful drape. For this pattern you will need to work your slip stitches purl-wise. It’s easy to confuse this step so just check the video and image next to this, to see how your needles should look. Easy peasy!

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Step By Step


The front and back of linen stitch have different patterns: one side looks woven and the other side looks like moss stitch.


Cast on an odd number of stitches. With the yarn at the back, slip the first stitch purl-wise, knit the next stitch normally.


Bring the yarn to the front of the knitting. Insert the right needle purl-wise into the next stitch and slip it. Take the yarn to the back of your kn


Take the yarn to the back of your work, knit a stitch, bring the yarn forward again, insert your right needle purlwise and slip.


Take the yarn back and repeat until the end of the row until you have two stitches left. Purl the last stitch.

This is how you do it

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