Left-leaning decrease

To the left, to the left... Learn how to knit a left leaning decrease, perfect for raglan sleeves and tops such as the Uma Top.

Facts & handy tips

This technique creates a decrease that leans to the left. For mirrored decreases, like in raglan shaping, left-leaning decreases are used together with right-leaning ones to create a neat, decorative shaping.

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Step By Step

1 left leaning decrease


Let us take you through the left leaning decrease. First you slip the first stitch purl-wise. Then insert the right needle into the next stitch on the left needle as if you are going to knit it, then simply let it slip off the left needle.

2 left leaning decrease


Slip the next stitch in the same way i.e. insert the right needle into the next stitch on the left needle and let it slip off.

3 left leaning decrease


Now insert the left needle into both of these slipped stitches on your right needle, crossed in front of the right needle as in the image to the left.

4 left leaning decrease


Wrap the yarn around the right needle as for a regular knit stitch.

5 left leaning decrease


Pull the right needle through to the front and slip the stitches off the left needle as for one regular knit stitch. Voila! You have now decreased one stitch. You'll find that the decrease will slant to the left, which is perfect. Well done!

This is how you do it

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