How to measure and grade a garment

Learn how to measure and grade a garment

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In this video we will be running through how to measure a garment that you want to grade up or down a size. This is very useful if you have a garment that you know would look great on you if you sized it up and down to create that amazing fit! We are using the unchained sweater in this how-to, which is part of the Wool Me Tender collection, and it is in the lovely Cloudy Blue! Let's get started!

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Let's take a look at how to measure your garment first. It's really important that you measure your garment on a flat even surface as this gives you the most accurante measurement.


The length is measured from the shoulder neck point (SNP) to the hem.


The bust which is measured 5 centimeters from the underarm.


The hem length which is at the bottom of the garment is measured across the hem.


Across the shoulder is measured from the sleeve head to the sleeve head.


Measure the neck width.


Measure your garment across the front, which is measured 13 cetimeters down from the shoulder neck point.


The armhole is measured down the width of the arm.


The overall sleeve length is measured from the shoulder point to the cuff.


The bicep is measured 5 centimeters from the armhole.


The forearm width is measured 20 centimeters from the cuff.


You then measure the cuff opening and the cuff depth.

This is how you do it

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