Honeycomb cable stitch

Create a really beautiful effect by learning to how knit the honeycomb cable

Facts & handy tips

This is a gorgeous cable knit pattern that looks great for both sweaters and accessories, and works equally well in finer yarns or chunky ones. Don’t be put off by the complex look – it’s actually easier to knit than you think.

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Step By Step

1 honeycomb stitch


Grab your Crazy Sexy Wool and knitting needles, it's time to learn how to Honeycomb Cable Stitch!

Work until you get to your cable section.

2 honeycomb stitch


Grab your cable needle. Slip two stitches onto your cable needle and hold it behind your work.

3 honeycomb stitch


Knit the next two stitches from the left needle.

4 honeycomb stitch


Knit the two stitches from the cable needle (this is where it can get a bit tricky with three needles going but practice makes perfect!).

5 honeycomb stitch


Your cable needle is now free, but not for long! Next, slip the next two stitches onto the cable needle and hold it in front of your work.

6 honeycomb stitch


Knit the next two stitches from the left needle, then knit the stitches from your cable needle. Repeat these steps to knit the honeycomb cable stitch. This will now start forming a gorgeous texture and pattern. Well done!

This is how you do it

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