Honeycomb Brioche Stitch

Learn how to knit the textured honeycomb brioche stitch in this simple tutorial

Facts & handy tips

In this video we will show you how to work the honeycomb brioche stitch. This is a dense and textured stitch perfect for warm winter knits.

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Step By Step

Honeycome 20brioche 201


Row 1: Purl your first stitch.

Honeycome 20brioche 202


Insert your right needle through the loop below the next stitch right to left, wrap your yarn and complete as a normal purl stitch.

Honeycome 20brioche 203


Repeat those two steps to finish out the row.

Honeycome 20brioche 204


Row 2: Insert your right needle into the row below and complete as a normal knit stitch.

Honeycome 20brioche 205


Knit the next stitch as normal.

Honeycome 20brioche 206


Repeat steps 4 and 5 to finish the row.

This is how you do it

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