Holey stitch

Learn how to knit the holey stitch, used in patterns such as the Cosmic Sweater

Facts & handy tips

This technique creates an open, drapey fabric with a lace effect. It’s great for summery garments, and also works well for market-style bags. Best of all: it’s surprisingly easy to knit!

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Step By Step


The holey stitch is used in our Cosmic Sweater and our Diana Sweater.


Slip the first stitch on your right hand needle, and knit one stitch.


Bring the yarn to the front of the knitting as if you were about to purl and knit two stitches together.


Repeat this until the end of the row.


On the 2nd row, splip the first stitch, then purl the yarn that is wrapped around the needle as if it were a normal stitch.


Continue this until the end of the row.


To knit the holey stitch keep on alternating these 2 rows.

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