Dropped a stitch

Don't worry, we'll show you how to pick up dropped stitches

Facts & handy tips

Knit happens, but don't let it stress you. In this easy to follow video tutorial we will show you how to get the dropped stitch back up to the needle so that it is ready to knit again. Tip! Using a crochet hook makes this a lot easier.

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Step By Step

1 dropped stitch


Here we'll walk you through how to fix a dropped stitch.

Start with the knit side facing you, your knitting may look something like the example to the left.

2 dropped stitch


Insert a crochet hook into the dropped stitch. If you don't have a crochet hook to spare, you can make do with a pencil or maybe even another knitting needle, but a crochet hook makes this a lot easier.

3 dropped stitch


With the crochet hook within the last stitch of your vertical drop, grab the horizontal bar above this stitch with the crochet hook.

4 dropped stitch


Pull the tab above through the stitch on your hook. Repeat this for every horizontal bar until you get back to the rest of your knitting.

6 dropped stitch


Slip the stitch back from the crochet hook onto your the needle on the left.

7 dropped stitch


And by that, you have learned a super useful skill and fixed a dropped stitch. Wasn't too scary was it? OK maybe a little, but with practice comes perfect. Keep knitting Gang!

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