Double pointed needles

By knitting with a couple of double pointed needles, you can create beautiful pieces knitted in the round such as mittens.

Facts & handy tips

Knitting in a tube is the next step for a beginner knitter. In this easy to follow video we will give you all the skills you need to start knitting in circles. Knitting in the round allows a knitter to make a variety of items such as mittens, hats, socks and sweaters without having to seam them up. While there may be a lot of needles with this technique, the actions are very similar to regular knitting. The yarn used in this videi is our Crazy Sexy Wool in Tweed Grey.

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Step By Step

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Learn how to work in the round using double pointed needles. You can use either 4 or 5 needles, we are using 4 needles in this video. Cast on your stitches and divide them evenly over your needles.

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Bring the first and the third needle together so that the first stitch and the last stitch are next to each other.

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Insert the fourth needle into the first stitch that was cast on.

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Work this stitch as a regular stitch

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Work across the stitches according to your pattern.

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You now have an empty needle. Place this needle in your right hand and continue working across the next needle to the left.

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