Button bands

Learn how to pick up stitches and make the buttonholes

Facts & handy tips

Here, we show how you create buttonbands for your garments. This involves picking up stitches along the edge of your piece, and knitting your buttonbands, with buttonholes. (In the video, we’re working with double yarn – but the same technique is used for single yarn.)

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Step By Step

Buttonbands 201


With the right side facing, insert the right needle into the first edge stitch, from front to back.

Buttonbands 202


Wrap your yarn around the needle and pull it through.

Buttonbands 203


Repeat until the end of the row.

Buttonbands 204


Button Row One: Work to where you want to place the first buttonhole.

Buttonbands 205


Cast off the number of stitches your pattern tells you to.

Buttonbands 206


Continue in this way until you have the required number of buttonholes.

Buttonbands 207


After your last buttonholes, work to end of the row.

Buttonbands 208


Button Row Two: Work to the first buttonhole.

Buttonbands 209


Turn your knitting around and cast on the same number of stitches you cast off on the previous row, using the cable cast on technique.

Buttonbands 2010


Turn your knitting back around and continue knitting the next buttonhole.

Buttonbands 2011


Finish out the row, repeating the techniques from steps 8-10.

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