How to separate your thread

In this video we will show you how to separate your thread.

Facts & handy tips

When working with Mouline, you won’t always use the whole skein at once. A skein is made of 6 threads, spun together loosely. Depending on which stitch you are using and how you want your final piece to look, you will use a smaller number of these strands rather than all 6.

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Step By Step

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Start by cutting the length that you require for your project. You don’t want to start with too much thread as it will get tangled as you embroider. A lot of people tend to do the length from their fingers to their elbow, this gives you a manageable amount of thread to use.

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If you think two strands is a good amount for your project, then pull the thread apart at the top, taking 2 strands in one hand and 4 in the other. You can then simply pull the strands away from each other, and this will split your thread in two.

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