Single crochet edge trim

Add a pop of color with a yarn edge trim

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In this easy to follow video tutorial, we will show you how to make a single crochet edge trim. This easy technique is great for beginners and is perfect for adding an extra pop of colour to a pillow, blanket, or even a scarf or sweater.

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Step By Step

1 single crochet edge trim


This how-to will take you through the steps to create a beautiful contrast edge in single crochet. To begin, insert the hook into the first stitch, wrap the yarn aroud the hook, and pull it through. You have one loop on the hook

2 single crochet edge trim


Make 1 chain stitch to being the row.

3 single crochet edge trim


Work across the last row in regular single crochet.

4 single crochet edge trim


When you get to the last stitch of the row, work two more single crochet stitches into this stitch.

5 single crochet edge trim


You have now turned the corner. To work across a side edge, inset the crochet hook into the space between the rows. Keep working around the edge, and when you get the the beginning, use a slip stitch to connect the last and first stitch of the edge trim together.

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