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Single crochet (US)

The single crochet is the classic basic crochet stitch and creates a structured finish

Facts & handy tips

In this easy to follow video tutorial, we will show you how to work the most beginner stitch in crochet: single crochet. This stitch has a dense fabric, and is perfect for structured pieces. It can be used to make hats, scarves and even sweaters.

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Step By Step

01 step1 single crochet


Create your foundation chain - the length of your foundation chain depends on your pattern and what you wish to make. Once your foundation chain is long enough it's time to start approaching the single crochet technique.

Start with the hook in your right hand and the foundation chain in your left.

02 step2 single crochet


Locate the second stitch from your hook. Now, insert your crochet hook into the middle of this stitch.

03 step3 single crochet


Wrap your yarn around your crochet hook.

04 step4 single crochet


Scoop up the yarn with the groove of your hook, and pull it back through the stitch. There should now be two loops on your hook.

05 step5 single crochet


We're now going to carry out a move that will turn your two stitches into just one.

Loop the yarn around the hook again, and pull the yarn through *both* loops on your hook at the same time. There should now be just one stitch on your crochet hook. And that.... means.. that you've mastered a new stitch :) You have now worked one stitch in single crochet. To make more stitches: insert the hook into the next stitch and repeat steps 3 to 5.

06 step1 single crochet on row


When you get to the end of your row, turn your crochet project around and make a turning chain of one stitch. This brings your crochet up one level.

07 step2 single crochet on row


Insert your crochet hook into the middle of the next stitch, and continue to follow the instructions for 3-5. Keep going and you'll soon find yourself working single crochet like a pro.

Well done! You've now mastered the single crochet stitch.

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