Magic loop crochet

Learn how to crochet a circle without ending up with a big hole in the middle - just like magic!

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In this easy to follow video tutorial, we will show you how to work a magic loop in crochet. This easy technique allows you to work in a circle without a big hole in the middle. A great technique to know when making the top of a hat, or a circular rug.

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Step By Step

1 magic loop


This how-to will take you through the steps to create a magic loop in crochet. Magic loops are used at the beginning of a project where you are working in the round, and it creates a neat closed hole in the centre of the first round. To begin, hold the tail of your yarn in the palm of your left hand.

2 magic loop


Form a ring by wrapping the yarn around your index and middle fingers. The working yarn is now on the right.

3 magic loop


Hold the point where the loop overlaps.

4 magic loop


Insert your crochet hook into the magic loop from front to back.

5 magic loop


Loop the yarn around the groove of your hook and pull it through.

6 magic loop


Make one chain stitch.

7 magic loop


Insert your hook into the ring, loop the yarn and pull through. There are now two loops on your crochet hook.

8 magic loop


Loop the yarn and pull it through both loops - you have now made one single crochet stitch.

9 magic loop


Repeat steps 7 and 8 until you have made the number of stitches indicated by your pattern.

10 magic loop


Pull on the tail end of your yarn to close up the hole in the centre of the work - magic!

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