How to single crochet through the front loop

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In this video we teach you how to crochet through the front loops of your row of stitches. We're using our Ra-Ra Raffia yarn in Desert Palm. We use this technique in our intermediate hat crochet kit, the Worn This Way Hat, perfect for the experienced crocheter.

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This how-to will show you how to crochet through the front loops of your row of stitches. In this how-to, we have used a 5mm crochet hook and the yarn is Ra-Ra Raffia in Desert Palm.
Using this technique creates a neat ridge across the side of your work which is facing away from you. Let's get started!



Work your foundation chain, for the purpose of this video we chained 20 stitches. We worked a few rows in single crochet as this technique can’t be used directly into the foundation chain.



Chain 1 stitch – this is your turning chain.



Usually you’d work a single crochet stitch by going under both of these strands, but in this video we’re just going to work into the front strand. Skip the first stitch, then insert your hook under the front strand and work a normal single crochet stitch.



Keep repeating these steps and only catching the front loop until you reach the end of your row. When your complete your row and turn your work around, you should be able to see a neat line or ridge. These are the back loops of all the stitches you didn’t crochet into.

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