This Christmas, we’re looking into how we can make little changes in our life to reduce our carbon footprint. In the lead up to Christmas, life can be busy and hectic – but we still need to give some love to Mother Earth.

Here’s a few tips that you could apply to daily life – if we all do a little, this could do a lot.


One easy tip for a greener Christmas is to invest in some good quality reusable bags. All your Christmas presents and food shopping can be carried in the same bags each time. Not only will this save you that dreaded 5p that we hate to fork out for, but it means you’ll have strong bags that will last years!

DID YOU KNOW: Single-use plastic bags usage has dropped by 85% since the new law came into force. That’s seven BILLION bags down to 500 MILLION!  Great progress yes, but imagine if we got rid of them all together?

Why not knit or crochet your own bag that can be used all year round? We love the Summer Love bag and the Get Lucky bag – both strong and big enough to carry all your Christmas shopping.



Billions of Christmas cards are written and then thrown away every Christmas. We’ve been thinking of alternative ways to still send Christmas cheer to your loved ones, but without wasting lots of material and time.

Make your own Christmas card! You could make a handful of special cards to people you know will enjoy them, make them recyclable so they don’t go to complete waste after Christmas. See our How To Customise Your Christmas Card blog to get a little more inspiration.

Or why not send e-cards this year, attach a festive photo or video. You can send to as many people as you like!



Since making gifts can take a lot of time and effort (not always though!) you want to make sure the person you’re gifting will love it. This could be a great way to ensure we aren’t going overboard or being wasteful in buying gifts for people that they don’t need or really want.

This Christmas you could knit or crochet your gift! Take a look at our gift guide to find the perfect kit. You could help someone learn a new skill, by giving them the ultimate beginner kit, they can follow our YouTube tutorials and be an embroidery wizzard in no time!

You could customise a gift for someone, this will make it so personal and unique, they will love it! Take a look at our blog post on how to make your phone cable individual – you’ll never lose it!

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Making decorations can help you ensure that you care for them and really love them. You could use leftover yarn or old materials that you don’t know what to do with to make decorations! We made a pom pom wreath out of Crazy Sexy Wool scraps!

You could make your own Christmas tree using materials such as twigs then wrap yarn around them, or paint them. You could hang pom poms on your tree to bring colour to your tree!

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Instead of buying a new Christmas jumper, why not try customising a jumper you already have? Or you could give one from a charity shop a new life?

Using crochet, embroidery, pompoms, tassles the world is yours – ge creative with it and stand out from your colleagues. Take a look at our blog post to see step by step images and find two free downloadable templates.

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Here at WATG, we believe fashion should be #MADEUNIQUE with love. No mass produced clothing, just quality fashion produced in a sustainable way. Let us know how you get on this Christmas, or any tricks you’d love us to know about! Share via #woolandthegang

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