12 Days of Making: Charger Cable Covering

On the forth day of making we’re showing you a nifty little project to cover up those ugly looking charger cables. This one uses the single crochet technique so grab your hook and let’s get going!

Time to make: 15 – 20 minutes




Some leftover lightweight yarn or you could splash out and buy few of colours of your favorite yarn. We used Shiny Happy Cotton in purple haze.

A 5mm crochet hook

Some ugly cables


  1. STEP 1: If using multiple colours, now is the time to plan your colour scheme. This is a pretty loose brief so just go with your gut. We went with a single colour option but you could choose any colours that compliment each other and brighten up the grey-ness of your tech.

  1. STEP 2: Day4_Steps_01
    Take your yarn, your crochet hook and your chosen cable.
    Make a slip knot and place onto your hook.

  1. STEP 3: Day4_Steps_02
    Place your hook underneath your cable and lay your yarn over the top. You will be working all of your stitches around the cable so always start each stitch in this way – hook under and yarn over. Wrap the yarn around your hook and pull through a loop. You have now secured the yarn around the cable. Make a chain stitch.

  1. STEP 4: Day4_Steps_03
    Work in single crochet around your cable until you cover your desired amount of cable or until you run out of this piece of yarn. If joining a new piece of yarn,  do so by working steps 2 and 3 again.


Finished! Woohoo. Now to find other things to cover in yarn…


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