How to knit a basic blanket step by step – with Knit Aid

This cosy project is perfect for beginners and for those of you stash-busters looking to make use of your leftover yarn!

We got together with our pals at Knit Aid to show you how to create a super simple, super cosy blanket from knitted squares. Knit Aid is an awesome social enterprise helping knitters help others in need. At the moment they are working particularly hard on getting lots of generous knitters from around the globe to send them knitted squares, which they then sew into blankets for refugees across Europe.

To make our blanket we used Crazy Sexy Wool and 15mm / Size 19 Rosewood Needles

We also offer many more step-by-step video tutorials, such as how to crochet a granny square blanket and how to arm knit a blanket.

Do you live in / near London? Join our Knit Aid + WATG Valentine’s Day Knit in! We’ll be furiously knitting up lots of squares for donations, which will then be sewn up into blankets to be sent to refugees across Europe:

Date Valentine’s day, 14th February 2016

Time 11am – 2:30pm

Location The Book Club, 100-106 Leonard Street, EC2R 4RH

£10 – Entry, knitting patterns, bring-your-own yarn and needles.

£25 – Entry, All You Knit is Love knit kit which includes everything you need to knit chunky squares to donate: 15mm Rosewood knitting needles, one ball of Crazy Sexy Wool and a knitting pattern.

In addition to the knitted donations, 10% of proceeds will be donated to aid organisations working to improve the lives of refugees across Europe.

See some more of our blanket tutorials, kits and patterns over here


  1. Knitaid is such a great idea. I am surprised , though, that WATG is charging an entry free of 10£ and only donating 1£ to the cause and only £2.50 from the kit.

    Entrants donate their own time and yarn and from what I can tell, WATG doesn’t donate any of its yarn or other products. Perhaps the Book Club is charging a huge rental fee for the event? If so, then they will be profiting more than any of the recipients of this event. Quite frankly, I am disappointed in WATG. But I am happy that I heard of Knitaid… I am now going to check out the site. I imagine that they don’t charge people who send knitted squares to them.

    • Hi Wanda, thanks for your support in our idea! We wanted to clarify our relationship with WATG so that there is no confusion.

      Knit Aid is a separate organisation to WATG and the ticketing of this event was controlled entirely by us alone. WATG sponsored this event by providing some free yarn, a raffle prize which helped us to fundraise over £100 for refugee aid charities and provided support in publicising us. We purchased some additional yarn from WATG, which was included in the price of the entry ticket. We collect and distribute knitted donations for free and it is events like the mass knit-in and our other workshops and merchanidise that help to fund our work with an additional 10% going towards fundraising for our chosen charities. We hope that clarifies things a bit more, and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions: [email protected]

      Best wishes,
      Shahnaz from Knit Aid.

  2. There are no Knit ins happening in the US for this cause? I want to join but I live in New York

    • Hi Hannah!

      Actually, Shahnaz and the rest of the Knit Aid crew get loads of donations from all you generous US knitters! If you head to their site you’ll find details on where to send your knit squares to in the UK.

  3. Hi! A friend of mine and I want to use this tutorial to make ourselves our very first knitting project. Is there an actual pattern that is needed or will the video suffice? How many squares does it take to make a full size blanket and how much yarn would we need to purchase? Thank you so much!

    • Hey Stacey!

      A great choice for a first project :) No pattern needed, this is all you need. How many squares depends totally on how big you want your blanket. Full size blanket can be as big as you want! The squares we’re making in the video are 20cm x 20cm or 7.5″ x 7.5″ and you should be able to get 3 of those squares out of one ball of Crazy Sexy Wool.

      Please share your project with us on instagram!

  4. Hello! I would love to make this blanket! Could you tell me how much yarn I would need to buy from you? If 1 skein makes 3 squares?

    Thank you!

    • Hey Cori! I guess it would depend on how wide and long you would like your blanket. Our squares in Crazy Sexy Wool were 20cm / 7.5in, so it would be best to round up how wide and long you’d like the blanket to be a multiple of 20cm / 7.5 in in order to work out how many squares you would need across and down, times those two numbers together and therefore figure out the total number of squares required. Does that make sense….?

  5. So if I want to make a throw blanket that is 50in x 60in and each yarn skein makes 3 squares, approx how many skins do I need of this yarn? I want to take advantage of the sale today!! Thanks for your help!
    (Sorry I am horrible at math!)


  6. Some friends and I will make some blankets to give to poor people here in São Paulo, Brazil, as the Autumn is very severe this year.

  7. What are the colors that you used for your specific blanket that is shown in the tutorial, and how many squares do you have of each color? Super cute and helpful tutorial by the way. :)

  8. I have been teaching a co-worker to knit and will use this pattern. It will be easy for her to do. Also I will check out your website. A great first project for her😀

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