Sugar Baby

This yarn gives cashmere a run for its money. So soft and fine, it's amazing for more delicate pieces, from mittens to super sexy dresses


What's it like to knit with?

Gorgeous to knit with – the super-soft alpaca fibres make the knitting go like a dream. We recommend using needle size 3.5mm / 4US.

What can I make?

Perfect for any piece that benefits from lightness and drape. Our favourite items to knit with this are mittens, gloves, baby knits, hats and sweaters.

  • What's it made of?

    100% Baby Alpaca

  • How to wash

    Hand wash

  • Weight

    116m / 127yds

Here's how
the story goes

Baby alpaca fibres are taken from the neck and nape of the animal, most often from the first shearing of an alpaca/ This gives the softest, most beautiful fibre the animal is likely to produce. Ours comes from populations bred in the Andean Highlands, making their wool extremely strong, elastic, soft and fine. It's hypoallergenic and its thermal properties make it the best yarn for babies.

Works well with

What you can make

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