The Wool

Heal the Wool yarn is so special because it’s made entirely from “waste”. The newest addition to our gang is 100% recycled wool, which makes are hearts (and knits) feel warm and fuzzy.


What's it like to work with?

Soft and chunky, Heal the Wool knits up quickly, a go-to yarn for warm and cosy projects. We recommend using 10mm - 25mm (US15 - 50) knitting needles or a 8mm - 12mm crochet hook.

What can I make?

Heal the Wool is easy to work with, ideal for that beginner pattern or quick project. Plus, its earthy tones and muted neutrals give it that extra eco-friendly vibe. Use it for chunky cardigans, warm hats, and more.

What's it made of?

100% Recycled Wool

How to wash

Hand wash


200gr / 2.5 wpi / 87 Yrds / 80m / JUMBO

Here's how
the story goes

In the usual spinning and dyeing process, excess wool fibres are usually placed in landfills. We decided to salvage this waste and turn it into something special - and Heal the Wool was born. Creating unique melanges with the extra pieces of wool - the yarn varies from extra fine merino to highland wool. In the end, we’re left with a super soft yarn that’s easy to knit with. Even better, Heal the Wool has saved 6 tonnes of waste fibres from landfills and over 48,000 litres of water.

Works well with

What you can make

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