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Gang Labs


Become the next WATG designer!
Enter our Gang Labs contest for the chance to see your very own design on WATG – and earn 5% of the sales! This time, the design challenge is to create a crochet bag. The rest is up to you.

How it works

  • Read the brief.
  • Design and crochet up your bag.
  • Send us your completed proposal form (not the actual bag).
  • WATG shortlist our favourite designs.
  • Our community votes for their favourite designs on Facebook.
  • The winning design will be sold on our website.

This time, we're looking for a bag made in crochet, using Mixtape Yarn. Deadline for submissions: 26th of July.

The brief

This time, the challenge is to design our next must-have crochet bag. Tote, clutch, backpack or purse – it's up to you!

Your tool: 6.5 or 8mm crochet hook
Crochet hook
Your yarn: Mixtape Yarn

Grab your favourite colour from our Mixtape Yarn page.
Note! Due to popular demand, our Cinder Black and Sahara Dust is out of stock, but we are expecting delivery any day soon. Don’t let that hold you back! Feel free to design your bag in a substitute colour. When you submit your photo, just tell us your desired colour ways.

Mixtape colours
Optional: Leather strap and stud screws
Leather strap

So – unleash your creativity and show us what you can do.


Psst, top secret…

Please don't share any details or pictures of your proposed design, especially on social media. We want to make sure you get the credit for your genius idea! On a serious note, if we discover your design online we will have to disqualify your entry.

How to submit

Once your bag's complete, you'll need to download and complete this proposal form and then email it to WATG at Your submission should be a single page, and sent as an attachment to your email.

Example submission

Don't forget to…

  1. Include photos of your design
    Attach a photo or two of your finished design. Make sure all pictures are as clear as possible and show off your design well.
  2. Add your name
    Make sure your name is clearly visible on your design submission – without it, we won’t know who made your beautiful design!
  3. Write a description
    Write up a paragraph that describes the design and the crochet pattern(s) used, and maybe a little bit about the inspiration behind your design. (We don’t need the whole pattern at this stage.)
  4. Add the hook size
    Include information about the hook size you used for your design. (Remember – it should be 6.5mm or 8mm crochet hook.)

Please ensure you send us your design by the 26th of July.

The fine print

There is no payment for initial design submissions. Winning designs receive 5% of net sales. Copyright for the winning design is retained by Wool and the Gang. Copyright for designs that are not selected for pattern publication by Wool and the Gang remains with the original designer. By making a Gang Labs submission, each designer asserts that they are the original designer of their entry. WATG will not be held responsible for any infringement on intellectual property rights resulting from plagiarised design submissions.

Previous winners

Thinking about submitting a design? Check out these purls of wisdom from three of our previous Gang Labs winners:

  • Lis Palmer, Gang Labs #3 winner Lis Palmer from Virginia, USA
    Winner of Gang Labs #3 with her Josie Gloves

    “I had been playing around with elongated slipped stitches and I liked how it looked when you crossed them – it looks hard at first but really isn’t very difficult. In a way the stitch pattern reflected what was going on in my life, as my mom had recently diagnosed with cancer. There are unexpected challenges that seem daunting and difficult but can work out beautifully in the end. I decided to name the Josie Gloves after my mom, Joanne, who is doing great!”

    Josie Gloves Josie Gloves

  • Anthea Willis, Gang Labs #2 winner Anthea Willis from Gloucestershire, UK
    Winner of Gang Labs #2 with her Koselig Blanket

    “I used the Norwegian concept of 'koselig' – which loosely translates as ‘cosy’ – as my inspiration and set about designing a blanket that was as wonderful to look at as it was to snuggle under. I fell in love with the lovely textured herringbone stitch pattern I found in a vintage knitting book and adapted it a little to make it easier to work with the huge 25mm needles. The thick fringing at either end adds an extra touch of luxury to the finished blanket.”

    Koselig Blanket Koselig Blanket

  • Camille Aaymon Agat, Gang Labs #1 winner Camille Aaymon Agat from Geneva, Switzerland
    Winner of Gang Labs #1 with her Gab Bag

    “I really wanted to design something unisex – an easy-to-wear bag with enough room for a towel and a swim suit! In Geneva, as soon as the sun is here we go for a swim in the lake or the river after a long day at work. The inspiration for the shape was the gym bags we all carried as school kids. As for the name, my friend Gabriel instantly loved it, so it became the Gab Bag!”

    Gab Bag Gab Bag

  • Check out our blog for more details on our previous winners!


We shortlisted – you voted – and now we can reveal the winners! Read all about the winners and their inspiration on our blog