Super Duper Sweater Blue Sky Stripe

Super Duper Sweater

Beginner knitting kit

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Straight knitting needles - 6.5mm/US10.5
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We can never say no to a perfect stripy knit. The Super Duper Sweater is simpler than it seems – suitable for beginners, and 100% certain to impress. Made in stocking stitch with fluffy Feeling Good Stripe – our super-clever limited edition yarn that changes colour as you stitch.

1 - 4

Time to make
24 hours

Once you've completed this kit you'll master
Stocking stitch


6 - 8 balls of Feeling Good Stripe Yarn (depending on size)
1 Super Duper Sweater pattern
1 pair of 6.5mm (US10.5) knitting needles (optional)
1 sewing needle
1 sew-in labels

This kit is knitted with Feeling Good Stripe, the limited edition yarn with variegated shades that self-stripe magically as you stitch. The fluffy yarn is sourced in the Andean Highlands, from suppliers that support Peru's remote alpaca communities.

Please note, the stripes will vary depending on your tension and size of project, so while all balls have been dyed the same each piece made will be truly unique.