Sugar Baby Alpaca Bundle - 6 Balls

Sugar Baby Alpaca Bundle - 6 Balls

Soft and fine for delicate knits

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Baby alpaca fibre is taken from the neck and nape of the animal and is often from the first shearing of an alpaca, giving you the softest, most beautiful fibre the animal is likely to produce.

Our Sugar Baby Alpaca is spun from this deluxe natural fibre and is produced in very limited quantities. Soft and fine, it’s amazing for more delicate knits and gives cashmere a run for its money!

The yarn comes from populations bred in the Andean Highlands, making the wool elastic and extremely strong.

Knitting something bigger? You can also get your hands on a bundle of 12 balls.

Customers can mix & match colours

What's it Like to Knit With?
The super soft alpaca fibres are gorgeous to knit with, just like a dream!

What Can I Make?
Perfect for any piece that benefits from lightness and drape. Our favourite items to knit with this are mittens, gloves, hats and sweaters. Its hypoallergenic and thermal properties also make it the best yarn for babies.

Works Well With These Stitches: Moss Stitch, Stocking Stitch

Yarn Facts

  • Composition

    100% baby alpaca

  • Yarn Weight

    116 metres (127 yards) per 50 gram ball. Double Knit | 16wpi

  • Tension swatch

    24 sts / 30 rows in stocking stitch on 3.5mm (US4) needles

  • Suggested Knitting Needle Size

    3mm - 5mm US 2.5 - US 8

  • Suggested Crochet Hook Size

    3mm - 5mm US 2.5 - US 8

  • How to wash

    Hand wash only in cold or lukewarm water - do not exceed 30 degrees / Use a delicates hand wash detergent / Give your knits a gentle squeeze and leave in the water for a few minutes / Once done, roll in a clean towel to remove excess water and then dry flat.