Lula Hoop Space Black
Lula Hoop Forest Green
Lula Hoop Frost White
Lula Hoop Margaux Red
Lula Hoop
Lula Hoop
Lula Hoop
Lula Hoop
Lula Hoop Cameo Rose
Lula Hoop Big Bird Yellow
Lula Hoop Charcoal
Lula Hoop Bronzed Olive
Lula Hoop Cinnamon Dust
Lula Hoop Duck Egg Blue
Lula Hoop Dragonfly
Lula Hoop Candy Red
Lula Hoop
Lula Hoop Curasao Blue
Lula Hoop Eagle Grey
Lula Hoop Emerald Green
Lula Hoop
Lula Hoop Hot Punk Pink
Lula Hoop Fireball Orange
Lula Hoop Eucalyptus Green
Lula Hoop Lilac Powder
Lula Hoop Ivory White
Lula Hoop Khaki Green
Lula Hoop Lipstick Red
Lula Hoop Midnight Blue
Lula Hoop Mellow Mauve
Lula Hoop Margaux Red
Lula Hoop Moss Green
Lula Hoop Purple Haze
Lula Hoop Mustard Sally
Lula Hoop Pink Sherbet
Lula Hoop
Lula Hoop Rocky Grey
Lula Hoop Pink Lemonade
Lula Hoop Rusty Orange
Lula Hoop Stonewash Blue
Lula Hoop Sherpa Blue
Lula Hoop TV Static
Lula Hoop Shacklewell Grey
Lula Hoop Space Black
Lula Hoop True Blood Red
Lula Hoop Sand Trooper Beige
Lula Hoop Ultra Violet
Lula Hoop Tweed Grey
Lula Hoop Zoot Suit Blue
Lula Hoop Raspberry Pink
Lula Hoop Heritage Green

Lula Hoop

Beginner knitting kit

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Pattern Language
Knitting needles - 15mm/US19
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Our Lula beginner's kit's a bundle of knitted hoopy-ness to hug your neck in winter. Wrap it around twice for a cosier scarf that's knittable in just a few hours.

Size & Fit
one size, 13cm W x 80cm L

Time to make
4 hours

Once you've completed this beginner kit you'll master
How to hold your needles
How to make a slip knot
How to cast on with the cable cast on
How to make a knit stitch
How to turn your work
How to make a purl stitch
How to work in stocking stitch
How to add in a new ball
How to cast off
How to seam using the horizontal invisible seam technique
How to weave in your ends


2 x balls of Crazy Sexy Wool
1 x Lula Hoop pattern
1 x pair of knitting needles 15mm/US19 (optional)
1 x sewing needle
1 x Made-by-Me label

Yarn details
This kit is knitted with our Crazy Sexy Wool. Soft, chunky and super-easy to knit with, this yarn is perfect for winter woollies and accessories.

80 metres/ 87 yards per 200-gram ball. WPI 2.5/ SUPER CHUNKY

Something you should know
knitted as a long piece then sewn together to create a loop

Washing Instructions
Hand wash only in cold or lukewarm water - do not exceed 30 degrees / Use a delicates hand wash detergent / Give your knits a gentle squeeze and leave in the water for a few minutes / Once done, roll in a clean towel to remove excess water and then dry flat.