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Heal The Wool
Heal The Wool
Heal The Wool
Heal The Wool
Heal The Wool Wine Red
Heal The Wool Sandstone Beige
Heal The Wool Fox Brown
Heal The Wool Brunette Brown
Heal The Wool Cloud Blue
Heal The Wool Ocean Blue
Heal The Wool Cosmic Blue
Heal The Wool Soft Green
Heal The Wool Meadow Green
Heal The Wool Jewel Green
Heal The Wool Sky Grey
Heal The Wool Stormy Grey
Heal The Wool Coal Grey
Heal The Wool Mellow Yellow
Heal The Wool Sunset Orange
Heal The Wool Sorbet Pink
Heal The Wool Berry Red
Heal The Wool Soft Lavender
Heal The Wool Plum Purple
Heal The Wool Turkish Blue
Heal The Wool Deep Brown
Heal The Wool Deep Waters Blue
Heal The Wool Berry Pink
Heal The Wool Off White
Heal The Wool Candy Pink
Heal The Wool Glacier Green
Heal The Wool Golden Yolk Yellow
Heal The Wool Christmas Tree Green
Heal The Wool Mismatch Green
Heal The Wool Caramel
Heal The Wool Dove Grey
Heal The Wool Winter Black
Heal The Wool Moss Green
Heal The Wool Sky Blue
Heal The Wool Cherry Red
Heal The Wool Aperol Orange

Heal The Wool

100% upcycled chunky wool


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Us yarn lovers know no good wool should go to waste. That’s where Heal the Wool steps in. Every earth-loving ball is crafted using excess fibres that would otherwise be lost to landfill. We turn ‘trash to treasure’ and re-spin to create a unique, eco-friendly, 100% upcycled yarn that’s a dream to stitch.

80 metres/ 87 yards per 200-gram roll. WPI 5 / Super Chunky

These upcycled skeins are made from leftover tops and waste generated whilst spinning yarn in the supplier’s own factory over in Peru. It’s then grouped into similar colours and spun into the unique, limited edition yarn you know and love.

Due to the upcycled nature of this yarn, we can't guarantee that the same colours will be back in stock. Please make sure you have enough to complete your project!

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Chunky, soft, and textured 100% Peruvian wool: Heal the Wool is perfect for warm and cosy projects!

Heal the Wool is easy to work with, ideal for that beginner pattern or quick project. Plus, its earthy tones and muted neutrals give it that extra eco-friendly vibe. Use it for chunky cardigans, warm hats, and more.

Stocking Stitch, Moss Stitch, Herringbone Stitch, 1x1 Twisted Rib Stitch

Yarn Facts

  • Composition

    100% Upcycled wool

  • Yarn Weight

    80 metres (87 yards) per 200 gram ball. SUPER BULKY | 5wpi

  • Tension swatch

    7 sts / 10 rows on 12mm (US17) needles

  • Suggested Knitting Needle Size

    10mm - 25mm (US 15 - US 50)

  • Suggested Crochet Hook Size

    10mm - 25mm (US 15 - US 50)

  • How to wash

    Hand wash only in cold or lukewarm water - do not exceed 25 degrees / Use a delicates hand wash detergent / Give your knits a gentle squeeze and leave in the water for a few minutes / Once done, roll in a clean towel to remove excess water and then dry flat.