Breaking News: To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we’ve teamed up with fashion knitwear designer Matty Bovan to showcase knitwear in new and exciting ways.

We’re constantly inspired by the young designers out there that are pushing the boundaries of fashion and knitwear design. So naturally, we’re beyond excited to introduce our latest collaboration with Matty Bovan, not only supporting his first ever solo show at London Fashion Week, but also teaming up to create one very special knitting kit: The Highway Mask.

So how did this match-made-in-heaven dream team come to be? Co-founder, Jade Harwood first saw Matty Bovan’s knit pieces while he was still at Central Saint Martins studying Fashion Knitwear, and was drawn to his innovative and refreshing design aesthetic. The feeling turned out to be mutual. Matty Bovan was instantly excited by the opportunity to collaborate, stating:

“It was perfect and organic for me, as I’m a big fan of Wool and the Gang’s kits and yarn. They are producing yarns of such beautiful quality – materials and colours – I feel privileged to be implementing them into my work.”

Learning how to knit from his grandmother when he was 11, Matty Bovan, now 27 years old, draws inspiration from all things brutal, tough, and off-kilter. His style has most likely shifted somewhat from that of his younger self – now striving to create a parallel world of post-apocalyptic utopianism through his knit pieces. This refreshing take on fashion was reflected during Bovan’s first ever solo show at London Fashion Week, when a flood of colour, bold patterns and eclectic textures, filled the runway on Friday evening.

It’s clear that with the Highway Mask Knitting Kit, the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. For this exclusive kit, Bovan chose the brightest shades in the Wool and the Gang range (think Hot Punk Pink and Lipstick Red), in both Shiny Happy Cotton and Sugar Baby Alpaca and created a checkerboard pattern using both stocking stitch and colour working techniques. To top it all off, he added a stark black accent to the mask, using single crochet. When it comes to his inspirations, Matty Bovan explains:

“I start with a lot of research – artists, sculptors, things I’ve drawn or made, an emotion. It’s like collecting ideas and cooking them for ages and adding unexpected ingredients.”

We’re thrilled to welcome Matty Bovan to the gang!


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