Raising £50,000 for Friends of the Earth


Wool and the Gang has come together with Friends of the Earth to raise £50,000 to help fight climate change.

Every time you buy a knitting kit or ball of wool from our new Heal the Wool collectionwe’ll donate 30% of the yarn price to Friends of the Earth.
There are 9 new kits in total, so get knitting to help us reach our £50,000 goal.
You can see the new collection here.


About FOE

Friends of the Earth (FoE for short) do amazing things for the planet. They’re the world’s largest environmental campaigning community that brings together different planet-loving organisations in over 70 countries. Their aim is a big one: to protect the natural world and to improve the wellbeing of everyone and everything in it, now, and for generations to come.


They do amazing things across the PLANET

In the UK, FoE has:

Campaigned for, and produced the draft legislation that made recycling recycling-from-doorstep from our doorsteps possible

Persuaded the government that bee-harming neonic pesticides must be banned. bee-harming The vote is planned for December, and you can sign the petition here.

Campaigned to keep our climate safe by winning the introduction of the first national climate change act and championing safe, renewable energy.

In the USA, FoE has:

Banned international whaling Whale

Exposed corruption and prevented dangerous oil pipelines

In South Korea FoE is:

Nullifying the proposed dumping of nuclear waste on the pristine Gureop Island

Campaigning to stop the rampant dumping of untreated wastewater into our oceans


In Germany FoE:

Has been instrumental in the expansion of bicycle bicycle paths across the country

Works extensively on waste, recycling and renewable energy production

In France FoE is:

Fighting fighting fossil fuels and making space for the expansion of green energy

Delivering activism training designed to give people the confidence and know how to take action on issues that they care about.

In Australia FoE:

Is supporting indigenous Australians to protect areas of the Barmah Millewa Forests and securing water and land rights for the indigenous people

Just ran an award-winning anti-fracking campaign.


fighting climate change

From day one we’ve strived to be responsible in the way we work, how we source our product, how we make it, and in choosing like-minded people to work with.

There are lots of little actions we can all take to tackle climate change - low energy lightbulbs, smarter recycling, tweaking our diets - when we all get involved we make a big difference.

Jade Harwood, one of our founders puts it this way:



Like us, Friends of the Earth aspire to bring people together – say hello to the #GREENGANG.

We’ve brought together a gang to inspire one another through all the small, daily things that we can do to look after our planet. Little things, like taking reusable bags to the shops or washing at 30, make a difference – it encourages us to change our mindset, which can lead to bigger and even better things.

By doing it together, as part of one massive #GREENGANG, it means we’re all there to encourage each other, support each other and come up with new eco ideas that we can share:

It’s about being in (kn)it together.

Remember to share the #GREENGANG on social media whenever you’ve done something to make a difference, however big or small.


And to kickstart the #GREENGANG we’ve reached out to 11 women who are doing interesting things for the good of our planet.


Read our exclusive interviews here.


Funds raised from sales of Heal The Wool will be donated to Friends of the Earth, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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