How To Make A Scarf Using Your Leftover Yarn

We’ve all been there – loads of scraps left in your yarn stash, but not enough for a complete project? Wool Week has inspired us to create the Knot Over Yet Scarf, it provides the solution to make sure your leftover yarn doesn’t stay hidden in a box of ‘what could have been’.


What you’ll need to get started:

- Knitting needles

- Yarn scraps

- Scissors


For our scarf we used all the Crazy Sexy Wool scraps we could muster, and size 12mm knitting needles. To get started on your scarf, knot all your scraps of yarn together, to create a ball of continuous yarn. Don’t stress about messy knots or colour order, the ‘just chucked it on’ style lends itself well – the more carefree, the better.

Step 2

Next, cast on using the cable cast on technique. We cast on 25 stitches for this scarf, but any stitches between 15 and 25 is a good amount for a scarf. Depending on how many scraps you have, you could even cast on more and make a fully fledged blanket.

Step 3

We knitted using stocking stitch to create our Wool Week scarf, but garter and moss stitch are both great as well. Basically just have fun with it! We pulled our knots through the knit to the front of the scarf to create a fluffy and textural surface.

We hope you feel inspired to create something unique with your scraps! We’d love to see what you come up with so share your work in progress pics and final outcome with us, using the hashtag #woolweek2017 and #woolandthegang

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