Who’s getting our double taps?

Crochet is in fashion and Instagram agrees. With a mighty 11,582,934 hashtags (more than avocado and toast combined) the information influx is real – it can be overwhelming knowing who to follow. So to help a fellow crochet enthusiast out, we thought we could let you in on a little secret and share our favourite accounts. From swimwear to cute tees to coffee ‘n’ crochet pics, we’ve got you covered.


Ever get the feeling you want to relocate to a deserted beach and never put a pair of shoes on again? I can tell you with 99% certainty that that feeling was inspired by Chloé Dunlops swimwear collection. It’s beautiful, feminine and at risk of causing wanderlust.



If you’re colour shy, then Katie Jones Knit is not for you. It’s vibrant, bright and brilliant. Plus she loves crochet so much; she even wore it on her wedding day. If that’s not crochet commitment, I don’t know what is.



The crochet gallery defines nude and neutral. Expect gorgeous natural yarns, hot drinks in glasses and tranquil settings. All of this alongside a huge variety of crochet patterns, it’s perfect for a Sunday scroll.



Le soleil crochet is California cool at its finest. If you want cute and colourful co-ords for beach days, look no further. Full to bursting with swimwear, beach coverups and bikinis, it’s got us dreaming of tropical shores all year round.



If we could describe a successful Instagram in four words they would be unicorn yarn & negative space. This account is so scrollable with loads of work in progress motivation. Mainly hats and accessories depicting a mammoth range of different stitches, you’ll be getting more than one project on the go.



Now we must admit, this is a little bit of a wild card. Not technically a crochet account, but still knotty, and still yarny. Natalie Ranae is a Macramé designer and her feed illustrates the lifelong bond between yarn and plant. Its as if Jersey Be Good met the Monstera and lived happily ever after.



Le handmade celebrates the craft. Dream catchers, crochet animals and homewares are all regulars here. It’s the perfect place to find interiors inspiration and project ideas.



Crocheting beside mountain ranges, beaches, lakes and rivers, this account will leave you wanting to take your project on a trip. She specialises in loose meshy bags, accessories, bralettes and jumpers – so pretty much everything. Everyone loves and all rounder.



Crocheting the cutest bralette tops you ever did see. Summer stripes, watermelons and loadsa fringing all add to the summer festival vibe.



If you want to see crochet creations in action, Jessica Carey’s your girl. She’s a pro at sharing the finished product, as well as the stitches: so if you’re stuck over how to style your designs, give her a scroll.


So there we go! We hope you’re feeling ‘insta’spired and raring to pick up your crochet hook. If we’ve missed your fav, comment below and we will definitely take a look.


  1. Jessica from @thehooknook is amazing! I am so excited to see her on here! I love her style and designs! She is such a positive woman and her insta-stories always have me smiling!

  2. Crochet power! I love how you guys don’t forget about the crocheters: this post is a prime example. Such a lovely collation of hot talent and some new accounts to follow. Thanks Gang xx

  3. Hey Guys, Thanks for the comprehensive post about Crochet Instagram, I was actually searching for the posts where i can the insta account for the crocheting and knitting bloggers. I would really wish to see knitting insta accounts. Thanks tons for sharing this post.

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