We’ve got the message loud and clear – the Herringbone Stitch is a gang favourite. Regularly setting our Instagram and Facebook accounts ablaze, its distinctive, zigzag stitch creates a luxurious, textured pattern. We love using it with extra-thick homewares or accessories – like our Koselig Blanket and our Reoccurring Dream Cushion to name a few.

Don’t be intimidated, the Herringbone stitch is easier to knit up than it looks! Follow our step-by-step guide below and with a bit of practice, you’ll be a Herringbone master in no time. To start, you’ll need to know how to knit, how to purl, and how to slip stitches – by alternating these steps in a sequence, you’ll create the Herringbone stitch.

If you’re trying this technique for the first time, give our Reoccurring Dream Cushion a go! It makes the perfect starter project since it’s a rectangular piece without any shaping. Paired with a large knitting needle – 15mm or 25mm – and a yarn like Crazy Sexy Wool or Heal the Wool and this project will fly by. These chunky yarns knit up quickly and will really show off the Herringbone stitch definition. Now let’s get to it!


For the project below we used:

-1 ball of Crazy Sexy Wool
-15mm knitting needles


Here’s the Herringbone stitch broken down into simple steps just for you. No shying away now, pick up those needles and get started!

Step 1: Cast on an even number of stitches.

Step 2: Start with a knit row: simply start off by knitting 1 stitch.

Step 3: Then slip 1 stitch knit-wise.

Step 4: Knit the next stitch.

Step 5: Next, insert the left needle into the slipped stitch.

Step 6: Lift it over the stitch you just knitted and off the right needle, but leave it on the left needle for now!

Step 7: Insert the tip of the right needle into the slipped stitch from right to left.

Step 8: Wrap the yarn, pull it through and complete the stitch as for a regular stitch. Repeat steps 2-8 for the rest of the row until you have a single stitch remaining on your row, then knit the last stitch.

Step 9: You are now working on the ‘wrong side’ of your work: purl 2 stitches together, but don’t slip them off the left needle yet.

Step 10: Purl into the first stitch on the left needle again.

Step 11: Release both stitches off the left needle.

Step 12: Repeat steps 9-11 for the rest of this row.

Step 13: Repeat these 2 rows to keep working in Herringbone stitch. The wrong side of your work will be bumpy, while the right side of your work will have a strong, zigzag texture.

Feelin’ the Herringbone stitch rhythm? Us too. If you ever want to take a little break while knitting, don’t stop in the middle of your row. We recommend you knit until the end of your row, so you don’t forget where you’ve left off. We hope you are hooked, have fun knitting!

Watch our video tutorial if you need more help or want to get more guided practice. Let us know how it goes in the comments!

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