How to take pics of your knits

Hello! I am Brooke (@brookeharwood) and I am the photographer at WATG and I also look after the instagram. I am regularly asked by people how to take a good photo and if I have any tips for their instagram pictures. We then thought as makers we all love to take photos and share them with everyone as we are proud of our creations so why not give some tips to you all to up your photo snapping game.

The first simple step to gain more followers as well (if you’re interested in this) is to create and have lovely content so that’s where I come in SOO here are my tips below to get you started:

 1. Wipe that lens

First things first. Clean the lens on your iPhone, sounds so silly BUT you’d be surprised how much it makes a difference! That lens gets about in your bag/pockets/hands so needs a good ol’ wipe, just wipe it with your clothes haha! I do it before every single photo I take :)


Natural light is KEY – no flashes people. Try get near a window.


Think about your background – white is always a winner but you can mix it up with coloured paper or a wooden table/flooring. Try and think of what it will look like on the rest of your instagram profile as well so it flows well. Depends also if you want to go for the ‘in the home’ vibe or a clean simple background. Consistency is keeeeey.


Add a prop, I love a plant! Or for some more examples: a cuppa tea, magazines, some knitting/crochet tools.


Try a few different angles and some zoom ins on the stitch as well. Birds eye view is a classic. Great for flat lays to show all your tools as well.


Personally I don’t use an instagram filter, I simply edit my pic directly in instagram with all the editing tools. I brighten up the image, contrast it and I always take the saturation down and up the shadows. If you are into your filters you can download VSCO cam an app where there are some great filters that you can tweak to your preference.


Instagram tip: Square crops! I think my fave profiles are the ones with a full square crop, think it makes your photos all look neat and consistent.


You can even step it up a notch and take photos with a proper camera that you might own, does make a difference as sometimes iPhones don’t reach that rich and crispy image you’re after or depth of field. Then email it to yourself or bluetooth from the camera (technology these days!) straight to your phone and woolà! Thanks for reading and happy snapping! :)




  1. Thank you for helping! I have been trying to get better pics of my finished yarn work!
    Much appreciated😃

  2. This was great! I’ve been meaning to update my Ravelry notebook with some of my WIPs and finished products and this was a perfect little tutorial to get me motivated.

  3. Awesome tip sharing – I will definitely be using some of those. I have admired WATG photos for a long time, you are a talent!

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