1. LOVE that you’re featuring a gorgeous plus-sized model in your new collection. So cool to see a fashion leader like you guys stepping out and influencing the way forward!

  2. I’m so excited for this collection! However I’m not sure I like how short and boxy the cable sweater is; would there be an ‘alternate’ set of instructions to make it a little more fitted?


    • Yay thanks Emily! This sweater comes in 3 sizes so would work if you went down a size for a more fitted look? :)

  3. I’m thrilled to see that you have a more average-sized woman in this look book. I hope that WATG will continue to do that from now on. We are all used to seeing uber-thin tall models wearing clothes that are advertised to us but it is nice to see someone that is a little closer to reality too. I love a couple of these items and will probably order a kit when they are ready for sale.

  4. I love the collection and the addition of a plus sized model! Please keep it up!!!!!!

  5. Only recently come across WATG and already a huge fan. Loving the new collection, especially Lucy, it’s great to see a model with curves in all the best places – like me! 😄 Can’t wait to get started, thank you!

  6. More collections featuring Lucy and other plus size models please!!!!!!

  7. Hello, I have signed up for ur site and I can not seem to get the free shawl pattern , when I submit my request it say oops something went wrong. Could you help with this as I’m eager to start the project. I would appreciate your help. Thanks

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