Knitting tips on the move

Knitting helps to keep us sane when we commute to WATG HQ. The time flies by plus we feel nice and productive. For those of you who also love knitting on the move, check out our top tips for keeping you and your fellow travellers happy. 

The morning commute can be dull, especially in January but you can make the most of that spare half an hour by taking along your latest project. Knitting on the train, bus or in a taxi is often not the easiest, your neighbouring commuters may not take kindly to being covered in (albeit super soft) yarns and having the odd elbow in their side. You also may not have as much room as you would like between Mr. Shove-on and Little Miss 200-bags-to-carry. But fear not! Over a large coffee The Gang got together and gathered our top tips for knitting on the move, so you can make the most of your mornings.

Top tip #1: Pack your knitting stuff in its own special pouch. That way you can stay organised and avoid needing to rummage around in your bag. The craftiest of you could even make your own.

Top tip #2: We said it before and we’ll say it again. Circular needles are your friend when it comes to being squashed side by side next to a stranger. Don’t forget to use plastic or wooden needles either, as metal may look too lethal.

Top tip #3: If you have to take something sharp try to take a small pair of scissors or even a packet of floss, not for the floss itself but for the little cutter on the bottom. This will get through most fine yarns.

Top tip #4: Whether you’re on a bus or train, space is always lacking. Small knitting projects are perfect as they won’t annoy your neighbour and they’ll ensure your bag is as light as possible.

Top tip #5: This may be TMI, but our hands can get a little clammy on a hot and stuffy tube/subway. Bring along some hand wipes to  prevent your lovely knitting from getting too grimy.

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  1. Floss genius! I always fear I’ll lose my sweet little sewing scissors when I’m out and about but now I’ll never have to worry about it! 🙌🙌 thnx watg

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