It’s no surprise that we’re big fans of the woolly stuff here at Wool and the Gang. When wool is mentioned our faces light up and our eyes start to shine, it’s the ultimate material in our opinion – there’s nothing that you can’t do with it.

WOOL LOVE FACT #1: It’s totally natural
Wool is a protein fibre that comes from the skin of the sheep so there’s no doubt about it that it’s 100% natural and not manmade. This makes us happy. It’s long been known that it’s pretty weatherproof too (just ask the sheep that live in rainier climes). Even science has yet to produce a fibre that can match it’s very clever and useful properties.


WOOL LOVE FACT #2: It’s renewable
As long as there are fields to roam and grass to chew on those woolly guys will keep on producing new fleece. This makes it a renewable option for the future.


WOOL LOVE FACT #3 It’s biodegradable
We hate to say it, but if you and your knitwear do decide to part ways, wool can be returned to the soil, where it decomposes, releasing good stuff back into the ground. Synthetics take a long time to degrade into the soil, whereas natural fibres break down in a jiffy.


WOOL LOVE FACT #4 It’s breathable
Wool fibres have a crimped texture so when it’s packed more tightly together lots of tiny pockets of air form. This structure means that it can absorb and release moisture, allowing your skin to breathe so that you feel fresh as a daisy. As it reacts to your body’s temperature too – you can wear it summer or winter.


WOOL LOVE FACT #5 It’s Made to last
Due to its crimped structure, wool is naturally elastic, and so wool garments have the ability to stretch to your shape, but can then return to their original state. Wool can maintains its appearance for longer, ensuring that you and your garment continue to have a happy life together.


WOOL LOVE FACT #6 It’s easy to care for
The protective coating on wool fibres makes wool products more resistant to staining than many other materials. They also pick up less dust as it’s naturally anti-static.


WOOL LOVE FACT #7 It’s less stinky
Wool is pretty efficient at absorbing sweat and releasing it into the air, before the pong has a chance to develop. Life’s too short to spend it doing laundry :)



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  1. This concept is so so cool. I come from a long line of wool growers in Australia; my mum, aunts and I all knit and have always done so, but knitting really needed an image makeover. My daughter introduced me to your site. Thankyou for introducing knitting to yet another generation in a way thats contemporary, accessible and inspiring

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